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1. Jun 2015
Blog Terms

Write for Us! If You want to Write Thoughtful Pieces, Look No Further.


First, we would like to thank you for your interest in writing for us. It’s the people who have that interest in writing about spirituality that makes this such a strong website.


This site is dedicated to providing a free and open platform for our writers to cover a diverse array of topics and issues. If you have something great you'd like to share with our readers, then we'd be happy to give you the platform to write about it. We've opened the doors to top quality writers.


We do have our standards however, and we will be looking to hold any writers up to those standards. These standards will be held for short term, guest writers and our permanent writers alike.


What we're really looking for from new writers are articles that have a concentrated dose of workable and functional information. That means articles that have a tactile feedback, and provides help to our readers. Articles must also be completely original, and have some kind of unique aspect to the opinions expressed. We're always on the lookout for new ideas, and original opinions.


Our viewers and readers value top quality and value based information, and they know what they're looking for. What they don't want is a standard, one size fits all approach, in which all our articles parrot the same ideas. Your article should be fresh material that has not been released somewhere else before. We're looking for original ideas, remember? Also, we retain the rights to your article and agree that you will not publish anything you posted here to another website, including your own websites. However, you do have the right to post links to the post in other places, and you can write up a quick recap of the article on your own blog or website. We do this because we want to have the freshest, newest information for our readers, and not confuse them with what gets posted where, and how many times it gets posted.


You may be writing for other websites similar to ours, and that's definitely okay. However, we ask you to steer clear of self-promotional links on our website, and ask that you don't simply rewrite other articles that you've already posted. Also, this should go without saying, please don't post any links to any sales or spam material, or links to any products that can be taken by our viewers as marketing. We are not in the marketing business, we simply want to provide our readers with the best spiritual information possible.


We also urge our new writers to read through other articles posted on this site to get an idea of what we’re all about. Get a feel for the conversations we’re having, and the topics we like to bring up, and think about your own perspective on them. While we like original content, we don’t want to go so far off topic that it has nothing to do with what this site is about, so please keep that in mind.


By writing for us, you also guarantee that your articles do not break any form of copyright laws. You cannot plagiarize other writers, and you cannot use any other quotes or passages without that writer’s express permission. You are fully respontible for content, images, videos and all other information used on your blog. We also prefer articles that help to the people, nature and animals. Your articles should be about spirituality, vegan lifestyle, earth, health (like natural/alternative medicine, nutritions, supplements, yoga, fitness, diet, weight loss and similar categories). 


We do not prefer categories and/or articles that prefer meat (meat livestyle), farmateutical products, chemical products and similar. These articles may be not allowed.


Creating new, unique content that people want to read is difficult work, no matter what anyone says, and we recognize that. That's why we must give thanks to you, for providing high quality writing to our website. We look forward to receiving your work, and we'll read it with great interest. We'll work hard on our end to ensure a smooth procedure, and a great result for our visitors, not to mention your own personal success writing for us.


If you're a first time writer, know that having your own articles can be a time consuming process. What you get out of it is what you put into it. You'll have to work on it every day. If you're a seasons veteran writer, then we're sure you know exactly the kind of commitment to our readers they'll looking for. So again, thank you all.


Join us today! Everyone is welcome to apply!




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